Journal History

NERS: Jurnal Keperawatan was formed in 2005 on the initiative of Hema Malini, S.Kp., MN., Ph.D. and Emil Huriani, S.Kp., MN. Since 2005, there have been three (3) changes to the journal manager. From January to November 2012 was managed by Nelwati, S.Kp., MN. as editor-in-chief. Furthermore, December 2012 to June 2016 was managed by Reni Prima Gusty, M.Kes. as editor-in-chief. Then in July 2016 until now has been conducted by Ns. Dwi Novrianda, M.Kep. as editor-in-chief.

At the beginning of its formation, NERS: Jurnal Keperawatan was published twice a year, namely the June and December periods and has been registered with the printed version ISSN 1987-686x. In 2012 there was a change in the rising period to March and October. This is done so that there is conformity with the management of institutional budgets (Faculty / University). In 2015, NERS: Jurnal Keperawatan was registered online with ISSN number 2461-0747. Therefore, articles published in print in 2011 have been published online.

NERS: Jurnal Keperawatan continues to make improvements both in journal governance, indexation, promotion and publication. In the late of 2016, NERS: Jurnal Keperawatan was indexed by GOOGLE SCHOLAR and SINTA. Next, NERS: Jurnal Keperawatan also has a digital ID, the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), under the management of the University. Thus, articles that have been published online already have DOI. Furthermore, NERS: Jurnal Keperawatan has also been indexed by Dimensions, an international indexing institution which is said to be equivalent to DOAJ. In the future, it is expected that NERS: Jurnal Keperawatan can be indexed by other reputable indexing institutions such as DOAJ, Crossref, Copernicus and even Scopus and Thomson Reuters.